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Onanma Okeke, stems from a family that is heavily involved in philanthropy. Onanma's grandfather was heavily involved in granting Igbo's asylum to the United States during the Biafra war in 1967. As an immigrant from Nigeria to the United States in the 50's, he became a medical doctor and a board certified surgeon and was published in several medical journals before the 1964 civil rights act. He was a living example of the power of access at any level. Onanma's grandmother was a nurse and ran a free Kwashiorkor Clinic in Nnewi during the war, where she saved numerous lives.

Growing up in Nigeria, US, and Brazil, Onanma Okeke was exposed to life changing impact of access to education. Onanma has a background in design and is passionate about using data, design, and storytelling in innovative ways to drive access to education. She focuses on social and communal interdependence in order to assure equal access to education via leveraging her background in product and brand design.

Onanma Okeke graduated from F.I.T with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design. In her everyday life, she’s the founder of a software company and spends her past-time painting and reading.

Onanma Okeke

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