Project One

Greatest Girl on Earth

*Coming Soon* Greatest Girl on Earth is an illustrated booklet on self-esteem for African girls. It’s a motivational mini-book about courage and dreams. We follow our main character as she navigates different things she would like to be when she grows up. The goal of this book is to encourage young girls to dream big and think outside the part of traditional careers. Emphasis is placed on fostering a STEM, Social, and Creative mindset. Our main character is dressed in different colors and looks, doing different kinds of jobs. There are coloring pages to encourage activity. The book also includes resources around Nigeria that allow girls to foster their dreams as they grow up.

This book helps girls:
- Accept themselves (with all their strengths and weaknesses)
- Speak openly with their parents about their problems
- Be brave and overcome fears
- Deal better with the pressure to perform well at school
- Develop more mindfulness and self-confidence
- Strengthen social skills
- Develop a strong sense of self

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